Puppy Love

A white blanket covering the ground,
Vast and endless, crystals falling without a sound.

Only the maker of prints jumps around,
A small blue-eyed baby, a puppy pouncing to and fro.

Gray and black fur covering her upper half,
Making her lower body as white as a calf.

A little tiny ribbon, a red ruby bow,
Marking her owner standing farther off in the snow.

The owner watching while leaning on a pine,
Curious of how this wonderful gift, a small loyal life, he could call “mine.” 

The day growing late, twilight setting in,

The master gave a whistle and the puppy ran to him.

She tired and panting, the two friends walked home, The master smiling as the puppy waddled in the snow.

With a smile and glance to the ground,
The master concluded the future in a simple sound. 

“Oh, I can foresee,
One day I will love you so much,
As you will love me.”

2010 – 2011

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