The corn maze

Smiling,  Macy welcomely entered the renaissance festival’s corn maze. Her hardy pink explorers dress and pantaloons protected her from none of the autumns chill, but her racing heart filled her cheeks and skin non the less.

“I’m going to catch you!” A young man dressed in similar pirate clothing laughed and dodged her view. Macy bellowed in her happiness skidding around corners dirtying the ends of her new medieval outfit. 

Suddenly Macy realized she heard no laughter, no deep husky voice. She stopped and blinked before taking in the scenery around her. 

The stalks were different. Instead of being a bright gold they were shades of dull yellow and green. The dirt wasn’t smooth but in clumps that emitted heavy odors of manure, and there were distant shouts of horses that the festival did not have.

As Macy began to cautiously maneuver the new terrain, she came across a backpack. Curiously she picked up the out of place modern schoolbag to find it was quite heavy. For a second she thought perhaps this was all an elaborate plan by her boyfriend. Smiling, Macy slung the pack to her and unknowingly started wandering towards a time that was not hers.

September 2016

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