Getting Nowhere

This is based off the piece I wrote in my American history class during my senior year of high school.

So your mother asked, “If all your friends were to jump off a cliff, would you?” This comment likely resulted in an eye roll and a, “No mom.” She’s being silly worrying about your behaviors. They’re yours after all, thank you very much. You’ve never done anything really bad anyways. Why is she so worried?

Last week you sped down the highway after that guy who cut you off. It was only a momentary change in momentum. Everyone, even adults, gets road rage.

You didn’t do your homework again, Breaking Bad was just calling your name. That’s not a problem, in fact, that’s not even hurting anyone. Everyones got a guilty pleasure.

Later decided not to study for the SAT. Everyone knows that smart people don’t need to study, and you’re smart right? You could do amazing things if you wanted to, but first gotta perfect those beer pong skills.

All the smart people don’t need to try since they’re so brilliant. That’s you of course, because there’s no one like you. No one does the things you do and no one likes the same things you do. Most importantly who else could think what you do?

You’re smart, so you’ll get to all those ideas one day. Because no one expects anything of that man working at Burger King at age 53.

August 2013/February 2017

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