Temporary Reality

Night terrors A sleep disorder which causes intense nightmares where a person moves, thrashes, screams, talks, hyperventilates, and/or sweats in their sleep causing the person to awaken in a terrified state. Night terrors occur most frequently when the person is suffering a fever, sleep deprivation, or a period or periods of emotional stress or deep … Continue reading Temporary Reality

We Are In

An ocean pounding at the door, “Let me in! Let me in!” “I want to drown your voice and soul,” “In the depths of my cold endless floor.” “I wish to fill your lungs with my poison,” “To weigh your body to the ground.” “I wish to stab your heart with waves,” “Unloving and frozen.” … Continue reading We Are In

No One to Hear

It doesn’t matter what she tries because nothing helps. The looming palm before her holds a small prescribed tablet. Thrown without thought into the pit of her stomach her eyes soon see the sky. It’s how everyone sees it. Endless, bright, blue; normal. She sees this and feels like the rushing city around her. Fast, … Continue reading No One to Hear

It’s Just Me

Sometimes it’s hard not to wonder. To wonder why it’s me? There is such thing as biological normality, it’s a real thing, so how did I break that? The chances are odd, rare, impossible even. Life itself shouldn’t even exist, yet here I am, a person who couldn’t even form right. There’s no reason it … Continue reading It’s Just Me